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#RCM-S4SP - GeoCarbon Servo Mount Plate for the Xray T4


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RC Maker - RCM-S4SP

GeoCarbon Servo Mount Plate for the Xray T4

Our signature GeoCarbon finish gives a very sexy style to your car, whilst also being stiffer than the original plate. The original plate also has the extension for mounting the bellcrank in the floating position, however this is very rarely used worldwide, so we have decided to exclude this for added aesthetics.

It mounts directly onto the original servo mount bulkhead and fits all models from 2017 to the latest 2019 model. It is more rigid than the original (especially on the 2017 and 2018 models which are thinner than the standard 2019 bracket)

Give your Xray that signature GeoCarbon look! You can also match with our GeoCarbon Bumper Mount for the Xray T4!

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