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#RCM-AFEPAD - Ajustable Floating Electronics Plate (Type A) Double Sided



Type A: Yokomo BD8-BD9 / Xray T4'17-19 / AE TC7.1-7.2 / TRF419X

Have you ever wondered why touring cars have every measure taken to ensure symmetry and centre line mounted components in order to achieve even flex, but they have 280 grams of electronics mounted directly to the chassis on each side?

 Us too. This is why we have created the ultimate upgrade for your touring car! Tested by the pro’s, and an absolute necessity for your chassis!


    • Floating brass mount with central attachment allows for 100% fully floating electronics with absolutely minimal flex interference. Giving you symmetrical flex, which is not possible in conventional layouts.
    • 4mm of adjustability left and right to adjust the balance bias of your car. Allows you to tune your chassis balance, and also move weight in or out both sides to adjust the amount of roll in your chassis depending on the traction level
    • Makes it incredibly easy to swap chassis plates, as electronics stay fixed to the plate, making it only 2 screws to swap all your electronics over, no tape, no mess.
    • Unique design making it very easy to swap between chassis manufacturers and try different plates all without having to buy entire new kits. Even if you swap brands to one that is not on Type A Insert for instance, all you need to do is buy Type B Insert and insert, no need to buy the whole kit again. Same with changing to different plates and centre weights, they are all compatible with each-other
    • Optional Carbon Fibre plates for reduced overall mass.
    • Optional +10g Centre Weight for further weight tuning

    This Kit Includes:

    • AFEP-30 Double Sided Adjustable Brass Floating Electronics Plate
    • AFEP-AD or BD Insert depending on your Type A or B insert choice
    • AFEP-SD Carbon Fibre Shim 
    • AFEP-C 5g Central Weight 
    • 2x High Quality Countersunk Stainless Steel Screws

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