#PSS - Progressive Spring System


Awesomatix - PSS

A800-PSS - Progressive Spring System - One (1) Pair (Front or Rear)

A800-PSS is designed to add allow our Awesomatix chassis to have progressive springs. 

With the A800-PSS set the initial action of spring is softer at the beginning of the compression and becomes progressively stiffer when the suspension gets compressed during down-travel of the car. A800-PSS set is designed to add 15% or 25% progressivity into the originally linear action of SPR01S and SPR01 springs in all A700/A800 cars.

Tests by factory drivers have showed that the car with PSS set with the correct settings becomes more easy to drive and more consistent on low-mid traction conditions, especially on outdoor asphalt tracks.

Contains following parts: 

  • 2x AT119 
  • 2x ST69-15 
  • 2x ST69-25 
  • 2x P46R


Manual is available here:

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