#ES19OE1012S - ORCA OE101 STOCK ESC Black


ORCA - ES19OE1012S 

OE101 Slim Stock racing brushless speed controller. Measuring 30.45×30.35×10.35mm and weighing in at 20.8g the controller is both compact and lightweight, making it ideal for all weight fanatics or when using the speedo in crowded chassis layouts. The controller is 2S LiPo compatible, it has a 10.5T motor limit and it is highly adjustable – including a new “Party Mode” – using ORCA’s optional programming box. Included with the controller comes a 25mm and a 30mm cooling fan, all black power wires, a small capacitor unit as well as an extension wire


  • Brushless System
  • Multiple Adjustable Parameters use optional program card
  • BEC : 4A 6V / 7.2V
  • Peak Current 380A
  • Motro limited over 10.5T
  • Motor Type : Brushless sensored 540 size Motor
  • Voltage input : DC 6V – 11V
  • 2cells LiPo / 2-3cells LiFe
  • Dimesions : 30.45(L) x 30.35(W) x 10.35(H) mm
  • Weight : 20.8g excluded wires

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