#7075-AKP110 - Air Killer Plus OnRoad


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Even smaller and more versatile than the previous versions the brand new Air Killer Plus, thanks to its tech specs, is destined to mark a new path for this type of products. 7075 has always designed its products with the aim of innovating and renewing by thinking about the needs of its customers. We wondered for a long time how to improve Air Killer Plus but the feedback we received was from customers already satisfied with the product. So we started asking to the drivers and mechanics who are often around the world for races and we realized that we had two points that could be optimized. The dimensions and make it independent from power sources.  And from these two points it started the project that led to the creation of the first battery-powered Vacuum RC Air Killer Plus. The design, although reduced in size, looks back to the successful lines of its predecessors. The new Air killer Plus measures only 6.8cm per 2.7cm but despite its very small size it is able to accommodate both the cylinder for Touring 1/10 but also for the 1/10 and 1/8 off road. Air Killer Plus is powered by a very common CR123 battery. This battery has been chosen to save space but at the same time guarantee several hours of autonomy. Air Killer Plus in its base hosts two holes designed to accommodate the diffs for both 1/10 and 1/8. Also at the base of the Air Killer Plus a threaded hole has been added that allows to screw the shock absorber stand. The focus to detail is almost maniacal for us at 7075 special parts, which is why we have chosen the famous MonacoRC Bag as the packaging for the new Air Killer Plus.

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